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SERVPRO® : Trusted Partner for Restoration and Commercial Cleaning at YSU

7/2/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team cleaning YSU building window Windows are not merely portals to the outside world; they reflect the cleanliness and professionalism of any institution.

When it comes to ensuring the pristine condition and safety of educational facilities, partnerships with reliable service providers are crucial. Youngstown State University understands this well, which is why they have chosen our SERVPRO®  team as their preferred official partner for restoration and commercial cleaning services. This collaboration has proven invaluable in maintaining the high standards of cleanliness and functionality across YSU's campus.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

The SERVPRO brand is renowned for its expertise in restoration and cleaning services, catering not only to residential but also to commercial and educational institutions like YSU. Our commitment to excellence and rapid response times make us a natural choice for handling emergencies and routine maintenance alike.

Recent Success Story: Williamson College of Business Window Cleaning

One recent testament to our capabilities was our exceptional window cleaning project at the Williamson College of Business. Windows are not merely portals to the outside world; they reflect the cleanliness and professionalism of any institution. Our team undertook this task with precision and efficiency, leaving the windows gleaming and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the college.

The SERVPRO Difference

What sets SERVPRO apart is our comprehensive approach to cleaning and restoration. Whether it's after a water damage incident, fire, or routine cleaning services, SERVPRO ensures that YSU's facilities are always maintained to the highest standards. Our use of advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products underscores our commitment to sustainability and safety.

Partnership Benefits

The partnership between YSU and SERVPRO goes beyond basic cleaning services. It's about trust, reliability, and a shared commitment to the community. By choosing SERVPRO, YSU benefits from:

- Expertise: Trained professionals who understand the unique needs of educational institutions.

- Efficiency: Quick response times to minimize disruptions and ensure operational continuity.

- Quality Assurance: Rigorous standards that guarantee consistent, superior results.

SERVPRO Team Dobson: Official Partner of Youngstown State University Athletics

6/21/2024 (Permalink)

servpro team in front of ysu athletics sign The partnership between SERVPRO® & YSU Athletics is a shared commitment to excellence, community involvement, & student-athlete development.

In the dynamic world of collegiate athletics, partnerships between businesses and universities play a pivotal role in supporting teams, enhancing fan experiences, and fostering community spirit. One such impactful collaboration is between SERVPRO®, a renowned leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration, and Youngstown State University (YSU), home to the Penguins and a hub of athletic excellence in Ohio.

SERVPRO: A Trusted Name in Restoration

Since its founding in 1967, SERVPRO has built a reputation as a trusted provider of disaster recovery services across the United States and Canada. With over 1,900 franchises, SERVPRO is known for its commitment to restoring not just properties but also communities in times of crisis. This dedication extends beyond their core services to encompass active community engagement and support for educational institutions like YSU.

Youngstown State University Athletics: A Tradition of Excellence

Youngstown State University boasts a proud athletic tradition, competing in the NCAA Division I Horizon League. The Penguins excel in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and more, consistently demonstrating their competitiveness and passion for athletic achievement.

The Partnership: Supporting Success On and Off the Field

The partnership between SERVPRO and YSU Athletics is grounded in a shared commitment to excellence, community involvement, and student-athlete development. Here’s how this collaboration is making a difference:

  • Enhanced Fan Experience: SERVPRO Team Dobson's support contributes to enhancing the fan experience at YSU athletic events. From sponsoring promotional activities to providing giveaways, their involvement helps create memorable moments for fans of all ages.
  • Facility Support and Maintenance: As an official partner, SERVPRO plays a crucial role in ensuring YSU’s athletic facilities are maintained to the highest standards. Whether it's assisting with cleanup after events or providing restoration services as needed, SERVPRO helps ensure the facilities are always game-ready.
  • Community Engagement: Both SERVPRO and YSU Athletics are deeply committed to community engagement. Together, they participate in local outreach programs, charitable events, and initiatives that benefit the Youngstown community. This involvement strengthens ties and promotes a sense of unity among residents and fans alike.
  • Student-Athlete Support: SERVPRO’s partnership extends to supporting student-athletes at YSU. Through scholarships, career development opportunities, and mentorship programs, they help student-athletes achieve their academic and athletic goals while preparing for successful futures beyond graduation.

Impact and Future Directions

The impact of SERVPRO Team Dobson's partnership with YSU Athletics extends far beyond the playing field. By aligning with a university that values academic achievement, athletic excellence, and community service, SERVPRO Team Dobson reinforces its commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of students, athletes, and the community at large.

Looking ahead, the partnership between SERVPRO Team Dobson and YSU Athletics holds great promise for continued growth and success. Together, they will continue to support the Penguins in their pursuit of athletic excellence while enriching the Youngstown community through shared values of teamwork, integrity, and service.

In conclusion, SERVPRO Team Dobson's role as an official partner of Youngstown State University Athletics exemplifies the power of collaboration between industry leaders and educational institutions. Through their shared commitment to excellence, community engagement, and student success, SERVPRO and YSU Athletics are paving the way for a brighter future both on and off the field.

Expanding Opportunities: Mahoning County Career & Technical Center's $15 Million Expansion Project

6/17/2024 (Permalink)

MCCTC shovels in the ground As construction moves forward, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this expansion will have on students, educators, and community.

In a promising development for education and vocational training in Ohio, the Mahoning County Career & Technical Center (MCCTC) has embarked on a groundbreaking $15 million expansion project. This ambitious endeavor, funded in part by a substantial $11.4 million grant from the governor’s office, aims to bolster educational facilities and enhance training opportunities for students across the state.

Key Features of the Expansion

The $15 million project encompasses a range of enhancements designed to modernize and expand MCCTC’s facilities:

  1. State-of-the-Art Learning Spaces: The expansion will introduce new, state-of-the-art classrooms and training facilities equipped with the latest technology. These upgraded spaces will provide students with hands-on learning experiences aligned with industry standards.
  1. Enhanced Program Offerings: With the additional resources, MCCTC plans to broaden its program offerings to include new courses and certifications that reflect emerging trends in industries such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.
  1. Community Impact: Beyond benefiting students, the expansion is expected to have a positive impact on the community. By fostering a skilled workforce, MCCTC contributes to economic growth and development in Mahoning County and beyond.
  1. Sustainability Initiatives: The project also incorporates sustainable design principles aimed at reducing environmental impact. From energy-efficient building systems to green construction practices, MCCTC is committed to sustainability in its expansion efforts.

Celebrating Progress

The groundbreaking ceremony held on Wednesday marked a significant milestone for MCCTC and its supporters. Community leaders, educators, and stakeholders gathered to celebrate the beginning of construction and to underscore the project’s importance in shaping the future of vocational education in Ohio.


In conclusion, the groundbreaking of MCCTC’s $15 million expansion project represents not only a significant financial investment but also a profound commitment to the future of education and vocational training in Ohio. With state-of-the-art facilities and enhanced program offerings, MCCTC is set to continue its tradition of excellence and prepare students for success in an evolving economy.

As construction moves forward, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this expansion will have on students, educators, and the broader community. Mahoning County Career & Technical Center’s initiative serves as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, paving the way for a brighter future through education and skills development.

Women in Restoration Interview with Owner Katie Dobson

3/18/2024 (Permalink)

Why did you get into SERVPRO ownership?

I was introduced to SERVPRO while dating my now-husband (Andrew Dobson) and working for my now-father-in-law (Jimmy Dobson). Over the years, I got to experience each area of the business and discovered I truly enjoyed it. After Andy and I got married, we decided this was an incredible investment and ultimately got into ownership. With the help of our incredible team, my husband Andrew, father-in-law Jimmy, and I have had the opportunity to grow our business to an MMO that spans across Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide the best career opportunities with the best compensation packages. We believe in changing families for the better and leaving a legacy for our own family. This business has been a key contributor in helping us work toward accomplishing those goals.

Why were you drawn to a male-dominated industry?

I was drawn to this industry simply out of opportunity, and I stayed in this industry because of a different kind of opportunity. It has become a passion of mine to help others – help clients restore their homes, businesses, and belongings or help employees build or restore their personal lives. The opportunities to change lives in this industry while adding value to our employees are so valuable to me. There are many important roles for women in SERVPRO, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a female leader in our business.

What’s the biggest piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

One of the best pieces of advice comes from my husband, Andrew. He has taught me to focus on excellence rather than perfection and work to get a little better each day. We in the SERVPRO system are a very ambitious, performance-driven group! It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison or pushing for perfection. If your goal is perfection, you will be let down time and again. Setting the bar for excellence will ultimately guide you to success in any area of your life, professional or personal.

What is one of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your business?

A few years ago, we experienced a turnover in our upper management team. We had identified managerial teammates who were no longer willing to align with our company vision. With that unalignment was an incredibly toxic culture that was permeating down to those under their leadership. This was an example that sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. It was very difficult emotionally and absolutely exhausting. However, in turning over those employees, we quickly realized that was one of our biggest blessings in business. It really allowed us to revamp many of our processes and take our business to the next level. I learned a lot about myself during that time and got to strengthen my confidence, experience, and resilience in leadership.

Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

My mom raised me as a single mother for most of my young childhood. I remember my mom working incredibly long days, often picking me up from a caregiver’s home late in the evening when I had already fallen asleep. I also remember a warm, tidy home, lots of playtime, and countless happy memories. Reflecting on my mom’s perseverance fuels my own sense of determination and perseverance in business and motherhood with my two young children. My mom showed me true strength, that love knows no bounds, and a mother’s sacrifice is immeasurable. As a woman, you don’t have to choose. It is possible to achieve personal and professional success!

My 5-year-old daughter, Quinn, is also an inspiration. Watching her watch me totally motivates me to show her through my actions how to be a strong, humble, kind, generous, fun, and hardworking woman!

How can women develop their leadership skills more?

Leadership is a continuous journey of growth and development that does not depend on a title. Women can develop their skills through intentional effort and practice. A key to leadership strength training comes from awareness of self and surroundings. It’s important to be intentional about adding value to those around you – as well as yourself! Other ways to develop leadership skills include setting clear goals, seeking mentorship from other experienced women, building a strong network, practicing effective communication skills, and cultivating resilience.

What are the ways you stay grounded and take care of yourself?

Prayer/worship, mindfulness, and gratitude are the most important ways I try to keep myself grounded. Maintaining a relationship with God at the forefront of my heart and mind ultimately gives me the strength I need to conquer opportunities and challenges. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude keeps me levelheaded and positive.

Finding balance is a constant practice for me, but I continue to try to recognize my imbalances and work on them to take care of myself! Staying self-aware is a big part of that, as well as giving yourself grace!

I started journaling this year, and I love it! There really is something therapeutic about releasing the thoughts and experiences from my head down onto paper. Prioritizing other healthy habits like adequate sleep, clean eating, and exercise is always important… but, for me, enjoying McDonald’s fries is, too!

"As a woman, you don’t have to choose. It is possible to achieve personal and professional success!" - Katie Dobson (owner)

What are Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes?

1/19/2024 (Permalink)

pipe bursting with water It's important to take immediate action if you suspect frozen pipes to prevent them from bursting and causing further damage.

Along with winter comes below freezing temperatures that can put your Boardman, Youngstown, Salem, and surrounding areas home and commercial properties in a bind. Freezing temperatures can cause frozen pipes as well as ice dams. Frozen pipes can be detrimental to your property. Once warmer weather comes along, your frozen pipes can burst from the pressure of the water inside, therefore causing water damage in your home in business. 

Here are warning signs that you have frozen pipes:

  • Reduced water flow or lack of water altogether
  • Strange smells coming from faucets or drains
  • A noticeable drop in water pressure
  • Visible frost on exposed pipes   
  • Banging or cracking noises when you run water
  • Certain appliances stop working

It's important to take immediate action if you suspect frozen pipes to prevent them from bursting and causing further damage. There’s no job too big or too small for SERVPRO of Mahoning and North Columbiana Counties. Our highly trained technicians will carefully assess the damage and restore your property to preloss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact our professionals today! Call (330) 536-7477 or visit our website for more information. 

How to Maintain Your Youngstown Commercial Building

11/13/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® trucks at commercial building Maintaining a commercial building is important for the safety and wellbeing of its occupants.

Maintaining a commercial building is important for the safety and wellbeing of its occupants. Regular cleaning and upkeep of floors, walls, and windows are necessary to maintain a professional appearance, prevent wear and tear, and prevent the spread of germs. Regular HVAC maintenance and filter changes are necessary to ensure proper indoor air quality. Plumbing and electrical systems must be regularly inspected to prevent leaks and fires. Scheduling routine inspections and repairs can also help identify potential issues before they become major problems. It is important to hire a reputable and experienced commercial building maintenance company for these tasks to ensure thorough and effective maintenance.

If you have a question about the maintenance of your commercial building in Canfield, Youngstown, Campbell, or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call. For assistance you can give us a call, (330) 536-7477 or visit our Website to learn more.

Boardman Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

10/23/2023 (Permalink)

commercial building helped by servpro If you ever need assistance with maintaining your commercial business, give us a call! We are available for you when you need us most.

To ensure the efficient running of Canfield, Youngstown, Boardman commercial buildings, regular maintenance is required. The following tips can help: 

  • Schedule regular inspections and repairs 
  • Keep the HVAC system maintained 
  • Trim the landscaping regularly 
  • Keep the exterior and interior clean 
  • Check and repair any leaks to avoid water damage 
  • Regularly clean gutters and downspouts 
  • Keep fire alarms and extinguishers functional and up-to-date 
  • Schedule regular pest control measures 
  • Upgrade lighting to more energy-efficient options 
  • Train staff on proper cleaning and maintenance protocols.

If you ever need assistance with maintaining your commercial business, give us a call! We are available for you when you need us most. Our team is made up of skilled and trained professionals to get your building cleaned efficiently and thoroughly. If you need us, give us a call, (330) 536-7477 or visit our Website for more information.

Austintown Commercial Water Loss Restored by SERVPRO

10/7/2023 (Permalink)

flooded building SERVPRO of Mahoning and North Columbiana Counties is available 24/7 for emergency commercial water disasters.

Commercial water loss is no small deal. When a restaurant, school, entertainment building, government facility, offices, or more experience a water disaster, the damage can be extensive. Ceilings, walls, and floors can all be damaged by water depending on the extent of the disaster.

SERVPRO of Mahoning and North Columbiana Counties is available 24/7 for emergency commercial water disasters. Our team is made up of trained and experienced professionals who lead with care and compassion. We are quick to the scene because we understand every minute counts. 

We are a leading water damage restoration company in Austintown, Canfield, Salem, and their surrounding areas. We are a good company to have on speed dial in case a water disaster ever occurs in your commercial buiding. We are available 24/7 because disasters don’t wait. If you find you have experienced a water disaster, for immediate assistance call, (330) 536-7477 or visit our Website to learn more.

What to Expect From Fall Rainstorms in Youngstown

10/7/2023 (Permalink)

water leaking from ceiling Heavy rainfall and strong winds can weaken the structure of your home and cause leaks in the roof or walls.

Tis the season for Fall rainstorms! Fall rainstorms can be a potential threat to any home in Lowellville, Cornersburg, East Palestine and surrounding areas. Heavy rainfall and strong winds can weaken the structure of your home and cause leaks in the roof or walls. This not only causes damage to your property but can also pose a safety hazard to your family. Overflowing gutters or blocked drainage systems can also result in water seeping into the foundation of the home, causing structural damage in the long run. It is crucial to prepare your home for fall rainstorms by inspecting and maintaining your roof, gutters, and drainage systems from time to time.

If you find that you experience water damage or structural damage to your home after a heavy rainstorm, please don’t hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO of Mahoning and North Columbiana Counties. We are available 24/7 for emergency water and storm disasters. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals that are experienced and lead with care and compassion. For immediate assistance call, (330) 536-7477 or visit our Website to learn more.

Are Bonfires Safe in Greenford in the Late Summer?

8/31/2023 (Permalink)

bonfire If you have experienced fire damage at your Starrs Corners, Salem, New Springfield, and surrounding areas home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Late summer presents an opportunity for fires in late August and early September here in Greenford, Willow Crest, Petersburg and their surrounding areas. Careful planning can keep your home safe this Summer. SERVPRO of Mahoning and North Columbiana Counties is here to give you some tips about bonfires at your Youngstown home while the hot weather is at its peak.

Get Rid of Young, Sprouted Growth.

Land and Legacy recommends killing young wooded species of tree growth to at least 2 inches DBH. DBH means the diameter of each tree is measured at “breast height”, defined as 1.35m up from the highest point of ground at the tree's base. The biggest culprits of young growth are species like cedar, honey locust, Osage orange, and other sprouts. This can turn the clock back almost three years, says L&L.

Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits can be the highlight of any East Liverpool backyard. Just ensure you are following proper protocol when it comes to burning. Ensure the pit is at least 10 feet away from any structure, avoid windy conditions that can spread embers, and keep a hose or bucket nearby in the case of fire outside the pit.

Firework Safety

The CPSC has some good tips on home firework lighting, “Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks. Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully. Never point or throw fireworks at another person. Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap. Light fireworks one at a time, then move back quickly.” No matter how safe and precautions you may be. Accidents can always happen. If you have a fire outbreak at your Negley home.

If you have experienced fire damage at your Starrs Corners, Salem, New Springfield, and surrounding areas home, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website to Learn More.